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yumi stynes

Yumi Stynes has worked in media for almost two decades. She’s known for her honesty, warmth and ability to laugh at herself. Like many women, Yumi is juggling — she does a daily radio show, works on several writing projects (including a cookbook), and regularly runs 10km for a laugh — all while raising four children.

associate professor melissa kang

Many of you are already familiar with this lady's work via Dolly Doctor. She's been answering your questions about orgasms, clits and lady bits for more than 20 years.

tanya koens

this is a lady who describes herself as a pleasure activist, sex geek and a sensualist. She is a fierce fighter for everyone's right to pleasure and better communication in sexual relationships. We welcome her and her vulva puppet 'Audrey;/

Nakkiah Lui

When I saw this lady and her best gal pal - her vagina - in the hilarious Kiki and Kitty, I knew I had to get her on the podcast at some point. Nakkiah is a writer/actor and Gamilaroi/Torres Strait Islander woman.

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