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be a lady tradie 

Workshop with Penny Petridis 

Why should men get to play with all the tools? Learn the basics of carpentry in this empowering, hands on workshop, and take home something special that you've built yourself.

In the Concert Hall Northern Foyer.

“People don't expect you to be a tradie and a woman, and we need to change this .”

Penny Petridis, The Female Tradie 

Empower yourself with this hands on carpentry workshop

When Penny Petridis was coming up with a name for her building company, she was sick of turning up to do jobs and having to reassure surprised clients that she was licensed, competent, and good at her job. Calling herself "The Female Tradie", she reasoned, would ensure people knew who they were booking upfront. Now, Penny employs a team of female tradies, and wants to help other women learn how to look after their own fix it needs. In this hands on workshop, Penny will teach you how to measure, saw, drill, screw and hammer, as you build your very own planter box to take home. Materials and invaluable know-how supplied.

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Penny Petridis

Penny Petridis is a carpenter, metal worker and builder who started her Sydney-based renovation and building maintenance business, titled Female Tradie in 2012. Penny was compelled to start her business after noticing a growing demand for female tradesworkers, from women who feel more comfortable to having a woman around the house to the rise of DIY culture. Now, she is trying to encourage more women into the construction industry, through training courses and apprenticeships at the Female Tradie.

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