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being the boss 

Tina Tchen

What does a co-founder of the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund have to say about how women in power can affect social change? Join Tina Tchen as she talks Time's Up and diversity at work. 

Hosted by Jamila Rizvi. 

in the Utzon Room

“Sexual harassment happens because we don't have truly equitable workplaces. We don't have enough diversity.”

Tina Tchen

talking women, work and power 

When you work at the highest levels of executive leadership, you learn a little bit about breaking glass ceilings. Tina Tchen is the Former Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama, and now one of the founders of the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, which connects survivors of workplace sexual harassment with legal and public relations assistance. 

A champion for women in leadership, Tina will share her insights on breaking through male-dominated industries and campaigning for diversity and inclusion.

Get to know this unstoppable advocate for gender equality as she discusses working within the system to create real change.

Session supported by The University of Sydney. 

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Tina Tchen 

Tina Tchen, a partner at Buckley Sandler and leader of its Workplace Cultural Compliance Practice, counsels companies on issues related to gender inequity, sexual harassment, and lack of diversity in the workplace. A leading voice in the national conversation on these issues, Tina has been instrumental in spearheading the Time’s Up movement’s Legal Defense Fund. She was previously an Assistant to President Obama, Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama, and Executive Director for the Council on Women and Girls.

Jamila Rizvi

Jamila Rizvi is an author, presenter and political commentator. She is Editor-at-Large for the Nine Network's Future Women platform and hosts their podcast of the same name. Jamila is a regular commentator on The Project, Today, 3AW, The Drum and ABC News Breakfast and an occasional host on ABC Melbourne Afternoons. She has authored two best-selling books Not Just Lucky (2017) – a career manifesto for millennial women – and The Motherhood (2018)  – a collection of letters from some of Australia’s favorite women, sharing what they wish they’d known about life with a newborn.

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