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man up

Clementine Ford, Osher Günsberg and Vonne Patiag

What exactly is "toxic masculinity"? What makes sweet little boys grow up to become violent men?  Do gender stereotypes affect men as well as women? And what makes a good man?

Hosted by Edwina Throsby. 

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“The status quo might revere men as a class, but it destroys them as individuals. And it teaches them to destroy others in return.”

Clementine Ford, The Guardian

what makes a good man?

Patriarchy can damage men. Boys are often expected to conform to a culture that encourages violence, accepts domestic abuse and glorifies sexual dominance. So how are gender roles enforced, and how are sweet little boys socialised into men who harm? How is masculinity constructed to mean power and dominance in Australia and the world? And if boys are not born angry and aggressive, how do we raise good sons?  

Join Clementine Ford as she turns her razor sharp attention to masculinity. Alongside leading Australian commentators including Osher Günsberg, she'll be talking male allies, action, and calling out sexism, all in the hope of moving beyond stereotypes in search of a greater humanity. 

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Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford is a freelance writer and broadcaster based in Melbourne. A scourge of trolls and misogynists everywhere, her debut novel Fight Like A Girl was an essential manifesto for feminists new, old and soon to be, and exposed just how unequal the world continues to be for women. Her incendiary new work of nonfiction Boys Will Be Boys, an examination of toxic masculinity compelled by the birth of her son, was published by Allen & Unwin in October 2018.

Vonne Patiag

Vonne Patiag is a Writer, Director, Producer and Actor based in Western Sydney - a creative polymath by necessity. His most recent short film Tomgirl, an exploration of LGBT+ and Filipino Bakla culture in Blacktown, was commissioned through the Generator: Emerging Filmmaker's Fund 2017 through Create NSW and SBS, premiering on SBS On Demand in February 2018. He was also a recipient of the Hot Shots Plus 2017 Funding Round from Screen Australia for his online series Boy (Space) Friends for production and talent development funding, focusing on issues of masculinity, racism and queer identity in Western Sydney.


Osher Günsberg

Osher Günsberg is one of Australia's most recognisable media personalities. He first came to the country's attention as the face of Australian Idol and he continues to be the host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette on Channel Ten. Osher is a keen advocate for mental health awareness and shining a light on Men's Mental Health. His memoir Back, After the Break looks at life with a mental illness and how he has come to terms with it to live an authentic, rich and fulfilling life.

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