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te kopere maori healers

Christine Bullock

Rongoa Maori, the traditional Maori healing practice, sees singing, dancing, massage and herbal remedies as integral to our wellbeing. You're invited to learn about this ancient practice of spiritual and physical healing.

In the Concert Hall Northern Foyer.

"This is literally yoga for the mind".
Rhoda Roberts 

Learn traditional practices of First Nations female wisdom

In the Western medical system, if you're sick, a doctor will give you a pill to get better. But Rongoa Maori, a traditional Maori healing practice, has a far more expansive view of the body. Ill health is addressed through a range of practices, like rakau rongoa (native flora herbal remedies), mirimiri (massage) and karakia (prayer).

Join the Te Kopere Maori Healers from the Wanganui area in Aoetearoa (New Zealand) for a session with traditional custodians of Rongoa Maori. This joyful workshop will encompass herbal remedies, massage therapies and dancing and singing rituals. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to access ancient Indigenous knowledge and learn about powerful techniques of spiritual and physical healing. 

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Under the guidance of healer Christine Bullock, Rochelle Bullock and Tanea Tangaroa, New Zealand’s Rongoa Maori is the traditional healing system of Maori. The twenty person strong collective will lead you through a spiritual healing ceremony. It will focus on the oral transmission of knowledge, diversity of practice and the spiritual dimension of health. Rongoa Maori encompasses herbal remedies, physical therapies and spiritual healing. 

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