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The mental load


Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Cult French comic artist Emma tries to find the humour in the imbalance of the sexes, domestic labour, and the mental load.

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"Men have to learn to feel that their home is also their responsibility."

"do you need help?" is the wrong question.

On average, women spend almost an extra working day per week on housework. While some men are taking on more chores around the home; it's still overwhelmingly women's responsibility to know what needs to be done. Who remembers when bin day is? What food the kids like best? What time the electrician is coming? The problem is, this household management takes up a whole lot of planning and organising - it's almost a full-time job in itself. This work is called the mental load, and is exhausting and invisible. If you're struggling to understand this frustrating imbalance, come to All About Women's first ever exhibition of cult graphic artist's Emma's comic, The Mental Load. 

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Emma is a French comic artist, a feminist, and a computer science engineer. Her comic book, The Mental Load, has been published in French and English.

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