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the cut on tuesdays 

live podcast by Gimlet Media

The Cut on Tuesdays is where political activism and personal lives meet. Deep dive into thoughts about the politics of power, perpetrators, and personal grooming.

in the Utzon Room.

“We'll grapple with the uncomfortable realities of women's lives...and we'll try and figure out how we got here.”

Molly Fischer

All the stuff the Cut can't stop talking about 

Scrutinise the books you love, the shows you're watching, the catchphrases you're hearing. The Cut on Tuesdays is a deep dive into the feminist consciousness, bringing you women’s voices on culture, style, sex, and people; it's where political activism and personal lives meet. From political nominees to pube grooming stories, it promises a lighthearted conversation that doesn't shy away from dark places: right wing extremism, unspoken aspects of motherhood and jealous friendships are all up for discussion. You're invited to interrogate the deeper meaning of what's happening in the world today with host Molly Fischer and her arguments, obsessions, reflections, and confessions.

More about Molly Fischer

Molly Fischer is Senior Editor at New York Magazine, The Cut, and is the host of Gimlet Media's The Cut on Tuesdays. Her work has been published in New York Magazine, HuffPost, The New Yorker, Slate, New York Observer, Vulture, SBS, New Republic, and Harper's Magazine.

More about Kimmie Regler

Kimmie Regler is a podcast producer at Gimlet Media. Before joining Gimlet, she worked for WNYC’s On the Media. In a past life, she pursued a PhD in Classical languages and literature.

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