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the waves

live podcast by Slate

Body politics, feminist backlashes, Beyonce; it's all up for grabs. Join in on a live recording of The Waves (formerly DoubleX Gabfest) for feminism, gender and intersectional politics.

in the Utzon Room.

“Our name reflects generations of women from the various waves of feminism, the sound waves that carry us to your ears, and the waves we intend to make.”

The Waves 

gender, politics and culture from America's sharpest minds 

If you like your teen romcoms with a side of radical gender theory, The Waves is for you. Formerly known as Slate's wildly successful podcast DoubleX Gabfest, this is a conversation about news and culture examined through the lens of gender and feminism. The new name reflects the various waves of feminism, sound waves, and the waves these incisive commentators make with every episode.

Hosts June Thomas, Noreen Malone and Christina Cauterucci serve up the latest politics and pop culture alongside hilarious conversations about white lady tears, bisexual dating, and the sex recession. You're invited to this special live show of The Waves for a frank discussion about the way gender shapes everything.

More about...

Christina Cauterucci

Christina Cauterucci is a an American journalist based in Washington. She is currently a staff writer at Slate and host of the its podcasts, The Waves and Outward. Prior to Slate, Christina worked at The Washington City Paper and NPR.

Noreen Malone

Noreen Malone is the features editor at New York magazine. She has covered everything from the rise of the alt-right to the woman at the heart of the Gamergate harassment campaign. For her cover story on the dozens of women who accused Bill Cosby of rape or sexual assault, she won a George Polk Award for magazine reporting and the Newswomen’s Club Award for in-depth reporting. Previously, she wrote for the New Republic and Slate, and lives in Brooklyn.



June Thomas

June Thomas is the senior managing producer of Slate podcasts and a respected cultural critic. Aside from The Waves, Thomas has featured in the popular ‘Gabfests’ and helmed podcasts projects like The Americans and Afterword. June has also been Slate's foreign editor, as well as the editor and podcast host of its LGBTQ+ section, Outward.


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