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this is 18

The New York Times gave young women photographers an assignment: show us 18. The response was electrifying, resulting in this moving and absorbing exhibition that celebrates young womanhood around the world. 

All All About Women venues are located within the Sydney Opera House.

"If I can ever manage to stand on my own feet, then my future would be really bright."
Shama, Bangladesh

life for 18 year old girls across language and culture

It was at 18 that Cleopatra became ruler of Egypt; and Victoria the Queen of Great Britain. In China and Australia, 18 grants you entrance to a pub, while for most Israelis, it means a mandatory draft into the military.
By 18, one in five women across the globe will be married. Millions will enter college or university.
“This is 18” captures what life is like for 18 year old girls across oceans and cultures — in Mexico and Mississippi, Ramallah and Russia, Bangladesh and the Bronx.
The New York Times asked young women photographers to document girls in their communities — taking the photos and conducting the interviews themselves. Make sure you check out this powerful celebration of girlhood around the world.

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