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witch hunt 

live podcast from the Guardian Australia

Guardian Australia journalists Gabrielle Jackson and Melissa Davey lead the discussion about the long and shameful history of doctors ignoring, belittling or trivilaising women's health concerns. This event that will cure what ails you.

All All About Women venues are located within the Sydney Opera House.

“I'm not a hypochondriac. I have a disease. All these things that are wrong with me are real.”

Gabrielle Jackson

It's time for doctors to take "women's issues" seriously

Ever been to the doctor and been told that you just have to live with it, or that it's all in your head? Women are far more likely to have their health concerns belittled by GPs, get diagnosed with anxiety more often than men, and can struggle to have their health concerns taken seriously. Debilitating diseases like endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome are shockingly under-diagnosed, and yet they affect the lives of millions of women. 

Hosted by Gabrielle Jackson, who herself has endometriosis and Melissa Davey who led the investigation on disgraced gynecologist Dr Emil Gayed, this will be an incredible opportunity to examine how women are treated by the medical profession, both now and throughout history. Join these journalists and a panel of medical professionals as they examine what it means to challenge the medical status quo.

Listen to Witch Hunt on Guardian Australia 

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