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the women of isis

Azadeh Moaveni

Thousands of women emigrated to Syria to create an Islamic state. Why? Join Pulitzer nominated journalist, Azadeh Moaveni, as she dissects the stereotype of the ISIS bride. 

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“A challenging subject: the inner lives and motivations of women who joined or supported the Islamic State militant group”

The New York Times Book Review

Inside the radicalisation of women

In pursuit of an Islamic homeland, thousands of women and girls - housewives, teenagers, doctors and drifters - emigrated from across the world to aid the plight of fellow Muslims in Syria. It wasn't long before the militants exposed themselves as little more than criminals, and the women of ISIS were stripped of agency, perpetually widowed and remarried, and trapped in a brutal, lawless society. So who are the Islamic State brides - and what motivated them to leave their homes? 

Pulitzer Prize finalist Azadeh Moaveni's sensitive, immersive reporting illuminates the turbulent politics that set them on their paths. Her gripping account highlights thirteen women who joined, endured, and in some cases escaped, life in the Islamic State. Challenge stereotyped thinking at this unmissable, nuanced exploration of the radicalisation of women.

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Azadeh Moaveni

Azadeh Moaveni is the author of Guest House for Young Widows, Lipstick Jihad and the co-author, with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi, of Iran Awakening. She has lived and reported throughout the Middle East, and fluently speaks both Farsi and Arabic. She has reported widely on youth culture, women’s rights, and Islamic reform for Time, The New York Times Book Review, The Washington Post, NPR, and the Los Angeles Times. She lives with her husband and son in London.

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