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know my name

Chanel Miller

 Join this inspiring survivor for a triumphant account of how one brave voice can begin to change the system.  

Hosted by Edwina Throsby.

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“You are not a statistic or a sterotype, so when they minimise you, dehumanise you, objectify you, you must push back with your whole weight”

Chanel Miller

Chanel Miller reclaims her identity, finding strength in survival

In 2016, "Emily Doe" wrote a victim impact statement for a Californian courtroom that has been read by 18 million people around the world. Its courage and grace demanded a reckoning with the profoundly inadequate ways that sexual assault is dealt with on campus and in courtrooms, and exposed a hypocrisy and double standard in the treatment of offenders. Now, in a brilliant memoir called Know my Name, artist and writer Chanel Miller delivers an honest and powerful account of resilience, power and transcendence, and, importantly, takes ownership of her own story and identity. Be part of this extraordinary session that will shift the way we think about assault and victimhood. 

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Chanel Miller

Chanel Miller is a writer and artist who received her BA in Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her critically acclaimed memoir, Know My Name, is a New York Times bestseller that will be published in over fourteen countries. She has been named one of Glamour's 2016 Women Of The Year and recognized as one of Time Magazine's Next 100 honorees for 2019. 

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