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hot flush living

Darcey Steinke

Darcey Steinke was furious nobody warned her about the true experience of menopause. Join this raw, honest and intelligent exploration of the prejudice and power in this significant time in women's lives.

Hosted by Jane Caro.

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“This is not like anything I have ever seen on the subject … [Steinke] takes her body, our history and nature itself seriously”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Silence, sexism and the change that dare not speak its name

First came hot flushes - flames that seared her body ten times a day. Then insomnia. Then depression. When Darcey Steinke entered into menopause, she was furious no one had warned her about the extreme impact on her physical, mental and emotional state. While women share stories of pregnancy and childbirth, there is an oppressive cultural silence around menopause. Her book, Flash Count Diary, is a powerful exploration of the changing gender landscape and transforming desires of the post reproductive years of women's lives. With bold and elegant writing, she questions the culture and offers a new path of understanding. Find your power alongside this incredible author, as she uncovers the taboos, shame and ultimate freedom around sexuality and the ageing female body. 

Menopause: A whale of a time

Think you have nothing in common with a killer whale? We take a closer look at menopause in the lead up to Darcey Steinke’s Hot Flush Living talk at All About Women 2020.

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Darcey Steinke

is the author of five novels, including Sister Golden Hair, Jesus Saves, Up Through the Water, Milk, and Suicide Blonde, and a memoir, Easter Everywhere. Her books have been translated into ten languages.

Jane Caro 

Jane Caro is an author, novelist, journalist, broadcaster, columnist, advertising writer and media and social commentator. A regular on the Gruen Transfer she has also appeared in the media including weekly spots on Weekend Sunrise, and Sunrise. She has created, written, presented and co-produced for ABC Radio and Television. She has also appeared on The Drum, Q&A, The Project, Daily Edition, Mornings on 9, Studio 10 and Today. She writes regular monthly columns for Mt (Management Today) Magazine, and the Sun Herald’s Sunday Life. 

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