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green with rage

Yael Stone, Amelia Telford, Jean Hinchliffe

Bushfires, flooding, extreme weather: the Australian landscape is changing in frightening ways. Meet three furious and unstoppable women fighting for climate justice. 

Hosted by Maddison Connaughton. 

In the Utzon Room

“This is something that our mob have been doing for a very long time: looking after our land.”

Amelia Telford

welcome to the front line of climate change

Amelia Telford has witnessed coastal erosion and the loss of livelihoods in Bundjalung country, northern NSW. So she founded Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, to bring together young Indigenous leaders. Actress Yael Stone is giving up her green card to return to Australia. After living between two continents, she decided the carbon emissions produced by regular air travel is ""environmentally unjust"". Surrounded by news of polar ice caps melting and the Great Barrier Reef dying, 16 year old Jean Hinchliffe fights hopelessness with action. She is one of the leaders of Australia's youth climate movement.

Get to know these three Australian women who are tackling climate justice in creative and powerful ways, as they talk personal sacrifice and political power in the collective fight.

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Yael Stone

Yael is best known for playing Lorna Morello for 7 seasons on Orange Is the New Black and has worked in theatre, film and TV. She recently announced that she would be abandoning her Green Card, returning home to Australia as a symbol of her commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. During her time in the USA Yael worked in New York City with Liberation Prison Yoga teaching meditation and yoga to women on Rikers Island and served as a board member. She was also a member of the Resistance Revival Chorus, an arts protest group lead by Women's March organisers.  Yael is committed to pushing for radical change in our approach to tackling climate change on a personal, governmental and systematic level. 

Amelia Telford

Amelia Telford, a young Aboriginal and South Sea Islander woman from Bundjalung country, is the National Director of the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network. Amelia is passionate about supporting a national grassroots network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to protect our land, culture and communities from the impacts of climate change. Amelia has been awarded National NAIDOC Youth of the Year, Bob Brown's Young Environmentalist for the Year and Australian Geographic Young Conservationist of the Year.

Jean Hinchliffe

Jean Hinchliffe is a 16-year-old student and climate activist. As a lead national organiser within School-Strike-4-Climate, she campaigns for legislative action against the sourcing and usage of fossil fuels, along with pushing for Australia to become fully carbon neutral. Her activism started at age 13 with the Vote Yes campaign, and has since volunteered with organisations such as Get Up and Stop Adani. She has appeared widely in the Australian media, including on The Project and Foreign Correspondent.Jean is also an actress and has recently appeared in ABC’s ‘Les Norton’ and the Netflix/ABCMe original ‘The Unlisted’.

Maddison Connaughton

Maddison Connaughton is the editor of The Saturday Paper, joining the paper in June 2018 as its first female editor. Previously, she was features editor at VICE and a correspondent for VICE News. Her reporting from the Syrian border saw her become a finalist for the 2018 Walkley Award for Young Australian Journalist of the Year. Her journalism has also appeared in Vox, Monocle, i-D, The Australian and The Age. 

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