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the forgotten women of astronomy

Jo Dunkley

Taking a telescope to the night sky and a critical eye to our past, astrophysicist Jo Dunkley explores the universe while unearthing a line of stellar female astronomers who ran the risk of being consigned to the black hole of history.

Hosted by Rae Johnston.

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“Dunkley must be one of the youngest and brainiest female astrophysics professors on the planet."

Kate Law, Evening Standard

Stars, supernovas, and forgotten superstar astronomers

Since ancient times, the cosmos has been an endless source of wonder and mystery. Astrophysicist Jo Dunkley knows all about stellar life cycles, black holes, cosmic evolution and the huge, unfolding history of the Universe. From the basics - like why the earth orbits the Sun - to astonishing facts about star catalogues and superclusters, this brilliant communicator will take us on a cosmic journey of scientific discovery.

Along the way, we will encounter some extraordinary, little-known women who defied the restrictions placed on them because of their gender, and whose pioneering research laid the foundations that Professor Dunkley has built on. Take this luminous guide to our astonishing galaxy, and meet the visionary women who have played a vital role in helping us better understand it.

Cheat Sheet: Jo Dunkley

One of the youngest female astrophysics professors on the planet, Jo Dunkley's knowledge is out of this world.

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Jo Dunkley

An internationally renowned academic, Jo Dunkley is Professor of Physics and Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University. She was part of the science team for NASA's WMAP space satellite, and now works on the Atacama Cosmology Telescope, the Simons Observatory, and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. She has been the recipient of many awards, including the Maxwell Medal, the Fowler Prize for Astronomy, the Royal Society's Rosalind Franklin award and the Philip Leverhulme Prize.

Rae Johnston

Rae Johnston is a multi-award-winning STEM journalist, Wiradjuri woman, mother, broadcaster, voice actor and MC.Rae is the first ever Science and Technology Editor for NITV, host of That Startup Show, and voices “Janali Banks” in the upcoming children’s animated series for ABC & Nine, Space Nova. She is also the co-host of NITV’s Take It Blak podcast, exploring the stories behind the news. Rae is a founding mentor with The Working Lunch program, supporting underrepresented entry-level people in STEM.

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