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the witches are coming

Lindy West


Lindy West’s in-conversation with Beverley Wang, ‘The Witches are Coming’, will not proceed at the scheduled time of 6.15pm on Sunday 8 March. 

Lindy West has made the difficult decision to postpone her Australian and New Zealand tour due to personal reasons.

Unfortunately, after thorough investigations, we were not able to secure a live satellite cross of sufficient quality in time for this event. 

The process of refunding all Sydney Opera House ticket holders is automatic and will begin immediately. 

“Lindy continues to be one of the funniest, smartest writers around”

Jessica Valenti, author of Sex Object

We regretfully announce Lindy West’s in-conversation with Beverley Wang has been cancelled.


Pop culture critique with the queen of internet feminism

Lindy West burst onto the cultural commentary scene in 2011 with a viral online article called Hello I Am Fat. Ever since, she has been a gloriously loud and unapologetic writer, focusing on feminism, social justice, body positivity and popular culture. Her memoir, Shrill, depicted her refusal to apologise to society for living in a fat body, and spurned a TV adaptation that was recently renewed for a second season. In her new essay collection The Witches Are Coming, West tracks misogyny and propaganda in the media and the prevalence of white male mediocrity. This will be a smart and hilarious session exploring pop culture, prejudice and the intricacies of privilege.


Cheat Sheet: Lindy West

Our handy cheat sheet for self-described “comedian and feminist killjoy” Lindy West, ahead of her talk at All About Women 2020.

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Lindy West

Lindy West is a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times and the author of The Witches are Coming and Shrill. Her essays have been featured in Jezebel, Cosmopolitan and GQ, and on This American Life. From 2014 to 2017 she wrote a weekly political column for The Guardian. She is the founder of I Believe You/It's Not Your Fault, an advice blog for teenagers, and the reproductive rights destigmatization campaign #ShoutYourAbortion. She lives in Seattle.

Beverley Wang

Beverley Wang is a journalist, producer and podcaster who is allergic to being bored. She’s the creator and presenter of It’s Not A Race, the ground-breaking podcast that has been recognised for opening up new conversations on race and identity in Australia and beyond.

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