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my mother's kitchen

free digital experience 

Immerse yourself in an interactive digital storytelling journey as members of our LGBTQI+ community take you through the love and tears of childhoods spent in their mothers' kitchens. 

All About Women venues are located within the Sydney Opera House.

“The kitchen was a bit kitschy, like there's a statue of Jesus but then next to it there's a Pokemon"

Bhenji Ra

A mother's kitchen can be a powerful place

My Mother's Kitchen shares stories from the hearth. Centred around their childhood kitchens, listen as 8 LGBTIQ+ storytellers relay intimate memories of joy and comfort mixed with inequality and hardship.

The experience strikes a balance between playful; in its UX design and storyteller humour, and serious; in its exploration of under-represented stories that discuss upbringing, self discovery and identity. It’s an immersive audio visual experience: a bit like a game of mini golf on a mobile phone, with a tiny podcast at each hole!

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my mother's kitchen

My Mother's Kitchen is a collaboration with Maeve Marsden's Queerstories and Google's Creative Lab. 

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