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Bell Shakespeare Hamlet

Bell Shakespeare

2022 Season

Welcome to 2022 and one of the most exciting years in Bell Shakespeare's history. This is a new era for Bell Shakespeare and after what we have all endured these last couple of years, this next season seems even more urgent and thrilling.

First up is Hamlet, the play of plays. This production enjoyed a wonderful yet brief season in 2020. It feels like a secret that only some have seen and heard but in 2022 Bell Shakespeare are back with a show that is even deeper and stronger.

The Comedy of Errors was postponed from 2020 and now they are thrilled to have this perennial favourite in their season and touring the country. It is a gloriously crazy play concerning two sets of twins and mistaken identities. But really, and in the end, it is a story about estranged and then reunited families. How apt — we hope life imitates art for all of us!

Within minutes of hearing Laura Murphy’s musical, The Lovers, Bell Shakespeare knew they had to produce this work. Based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream this is something new for the Company but also completely in keeping. Laura is ferociously talented and clearly has a deep love for Shakespeare and this play. Her contemporary take is fresh and has an energy that is undeniably infectious. Featuring the Shakespeare language you love but with original contemporary songs, this take has as much heart as the original but with a sass that is naughty and hilarious.

We can’t wait to see you all in person, in the theatre, as we celebrate in 2022.