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Utzon Music Series 2019

In 2019, Utzon Music Series returns for its 12th year. This year’s stellar line up features a range of musical styles and some of the world’s greatest classical musicians, from renowned artists to acclaimed chamber groups.

In 2019, the series will also feature Masterclasses with these world renowed artists. As part of our commitment to Australia’s emerging classical artists, these Masterclasses give a platform for the next generation of talent to thrive. 

Whether you are looking for a romantic journey, the power of a capella or Five from the Phil, the 2019 Utzon Music Series has something for every classical music connoisseur.

Utzon Series favourite Freddy Kempf returns to astonish with his muscular playing and intelligent musicality in sonatas by Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev and jazzy fireworks by Kapustin.
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Trio Wanderer

14 April 2019

Impeccable and elegant, Trio Wanderer takes the art of chamber music around the globe. Journey with them to Austria, Bohemia and Russia.
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The legendary string quartet weaves musical magic with four voices as they demonstrate the art of the fugue from Bach to Beethoven.
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Andreas Ottensamer is the reigning monarch of clarinet players – a musician of charm, insight and dazzling virtuosity.
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16 June 2019

Eight voices, one incredible sound. Voces8 celebrates the richness and timeless beauty of a cappella music.
Intimate Inspiring Sublime
Masterpieces for cello and piano in the hands of two great artists, the insightful virtuoso Johannes Moser and the sparkling Kathryn Stott.
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The LA Philharmonic Wind Quintet brings you a travel-sized Los Angeles Philharmonic, as its principal wind players make joyous music for five.
Intimate Inspiring Sublime
Wallis Giunta is a singer with star quality and a huge future. Discover her exquisite voice, glamourous charisma and her way with a song.
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New in 2019, these masterclasses aim to provide an ever-more expansive stage for Australia’s most talented classical and chamber musicians and recognises our audiences' passion for the genre, strengthening the place of classical music on our stages into the future.

The Utzon Music Series Masterclasses are enabled by Jillian Segal AM and John Roth through the Yarranabbe Foundation.

Join world renowned artist Freddy Kempf as he mentors an early career classical music artist through a Piano masterclass.
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Join Jean-Marc Phillips-Varjabedian of Trio Wanderer as he mentors an early career classical music artist in an intimate masterclass.
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Join the Brodsky Quartet as they mentors an early career classical music artist through an intimate masterclass
Intimate Inspiring Sublime
Join a capella group VOCES8 as they mentor an early career classical music artist through an intimate masterclass.
Intimate Inspiring Sublime
Join world renowned artist Johannes Moser as he mentors an early career classical music artist through a masterclass.
Intimate Inspiring Sublime
Join Andrew Bain of the LA Philharmonic Wind Quintet as he mentors an early career classical music artist through an intimate masterclass.
Intimate Inspiring Sublime
Join world renowned artist Wallis Giunta as she mentors an early career classical music artist through a vocal masterclass.
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Thank you to our Greats

The Greats is led by Sheli Lubowski.
The Greats' education program is led by Ingrid Kaiser.

Sheli and Ingrid are joined by named donors Beverley & Phil Birnbaum, Patsy Crummer, Nora Goodridge, Dr Eileen Ong, Roslyn Packer AC, Zeke Solomon AM, Peter Weiss AO, and Christine & Dr Thomas Wenkart. 

Join The Greats today

When you join the Opera House’s classical music donor group, you experience the world’s greatest orchestras on and off stage, and help young Australian musicians share that experience.

Presenting international artists of the highest calibre in a large-scale orchestra at the Sydney Opera House is a thrilling, enormous and rewarding undertaking.

With your tax-deductible gift to the Opera House’s international orchestras program, you:

  • Help bring the world’s best musicians to the Opera House;
  • Enable our education program for young Australian musicians;
  • Join a community of donors who share your passion; and
  • Enjoy an insider’s view of our orchestras program, with unique opportunities to engage with the artists.

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