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Samsung Powers

Sunrise on the Steps

Bend, box and salute the Opera House sails

Experience Sydney Opera House like never before and find some focus to start your day with Sunrise on the Steps powered by Samsung. 

Location: Meet on the Podium at the top of the Monumental Steps


About the classes


Salute the sun overlooking Sydney Harbour in our yoga sessions. If you struggle to get up in the morning, the combination of spectacular views and our inspirational instructor might just do the trick leaving you centred and energised for the day ahead. Our yoga classes are accessible for beginners while providing enough challenge for the most seasoned yogis. Namaste!


Combine strength and cardio with a sweeping sunrise to target every part of your body and mind. Each class will be under the command of our experienced trainers, helping you get the most out of your work out. Our circuit classes are for all fitness levels so bring a friend and start your day feeling energised.

Class Timetable

If you would like to go with a friend, they will need to purchase their own ticket and complete the waiver to join the class. 

Tuesday - Circuit       Wednesday - Yoga  Thursday - Circuit      Friday - Yoga   
13th March - Book Now 14th March -  Book Now  15th March - Book Now
16th March - Book Now
20th March - Book Now
21st March - Book Now
22nd March - Book Now
23rd March - Book Now
27th March - Book Now
28th March - Book Now
29th March - Book Now
30th March - NO CLASS
3rd April - Book Now
4th April - Book Now
5th April - Book Now
6th April - Book Now
10th April - Book Now
11th April - Book Now
12th April - Book Now
13th April - Book Now
17th April - Book Now
18th April - Book Now
19th April - Book Now
20th April - Book Now
24th April - Book Now
25th April - Book Now
26th April - Book Now
27th April - Book Now
1st May - Book Now
2nd May - Book Now
3rd May - Book Now
4th May - Book Now
8th May - Book Now
9th May - Book Now
10th May - Book Now
11th May - Book Now
15th May - Book Now
16th May - Book Now
17th May - Book Now
18th May - Book Now

Samsung Gear Sport 

Experience firsthand how Samsung’s Gear Sport can change the way you work out at Sunrise on the Steps sessions. Get motivated to move more, eat better, and live a healthy life. The Gear Sport helps you track your fitness and diet, keeping you on the right path to reach your goals.

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