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August 2018

A curated series staging some of Australia’s best contemporary performance works rarely seen beyond their premiere seasons. August sees the astounding Lucy Guerin Inc bring the award-winning Split for its Sydney debut, alongside acclaimed performance trio, post, in their hilarious and entertaining new theatre work Ich Nibber Dibber. 

Alongside these works is Mojo Juju: Native Tongue, a raw and intimate preview of Australian artist Mojo Juju's soon to be released album, and Sense it., Feel it: Artists on Climate Change, a panel discussion with prominent artists and advocates on their artistic approach to exploring the impacts of climate change. 

UnWrapped is part of the Sydney Opera House's Artist & Sector Development program supporting local Australian artists, small companies and producers through presentation platforms and unique professional development opportunities.


08 Aug 2018 - 12 Aug 2018

One of Australia’s most fearless dance companies, Lucy Guerin Inc. bring their award-winning production for a strictly limited season. Get tickets for Split now.

Ich Nibber Dibber

15 Aug 2018 - 19 Aug 2018

From piercings and parties to marriage and motherhood, celebrate a lifetime of friendship in this hilarious new theatre work by acclaimed performance trio, post. Get tickets for Ich Nibber Dibber now.
No maps, charts or diagrams - explore climate change with a panel of prominent Australian artists and advocates in an afternoon of conversation, performance and installation. Register now.
Native Tongue is a raw and intimate performance by Mojo Juju and her band. Sharing stories and songs from her soon to be released album - it’s honest, emotional, straight from the heart. Get tickets for Mojo Juju: Native Tongue now.

Artist and Sector Development

The Artist & Sector Development program also offers professional development opportunities and capacity building through mentorship and training.

Work in the arts industry? Become an Industry Insider for exclusive access to events, pre-sales and discounts. 

An opportunity for artists to extend their practice and audience into the digital space. Find out more.
Industry Insiders is creating new ways for industry to engage with Sydney Opera House
Bringing together the expertise of two of Australia’s leading visual theatre making companies, we are offering a rare Puppetry Masterclass co-led by Erth and Dead Puppet Society. Register your interest now.
Read about what Isobel Sanby has learnt during her Artist & Sector Development internship and what it has meant for her to be involved in this new and exciting program.