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Puppetry Masterclass

with Erth & Dead Puppet Society

Bringing together the expertise of two of Australia’s leading visual theatre making companies, we are offering a rare Puppetry Masterclass co-led by Erth Visual & Physical Inc. and Dead Puppet Society.

The masterclass is a weeklong intensive that will dive into theoretical and practical approaches to the visual theatre making process, with a focus on story development, puppet making and performance.

We are offering up to 15 places for theatre and performance makers wishing to expand their skills and knowledge in puppetry and devised theatre making processes.

Selection into the masterclass is through an application process. Express your interest online by Friday 13 July. 

The masterclass will be held at Erth's Venue in Marrickville.

Presented by Sydney Opera House. 

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tab1ImageDescription: [<p>Helen is the Artistic Associate of the Dead Puppet Society where she works as a performer, director, and facilitator of visual theatre and puppetry workshops. In this capacity she has performed in <i>Laser Beak Man </i>(Dead Puppet Society, La Boite &amp; Brisbane Festival), worked as the Puppet Coach for <i>The Wider Earth</i> (Dead Puppet Society &amp; Queensland Theatre) and toured <i>Last Tree in the City</i> (Dead Puppet Society &amp; Artslink QLD) throughout Queensland Schools. Helen has travelled extensively across Australia and the Torres Strait crafting theatre experiences for young people and communities through her work directing, devising and facilitating puppetry performances. Helen is the lead facilitator on the DPS Academy program and through this project directed <i>Frankenstein </i>by Mary Shelly and is currently working on an adaptation of <i>The Selfish Giant</i> by Oscar Wilde.<br> </p> , <p>Erth co-founder, Steve Howarth has been driving the look of the company since its inception. His background in sculpture results in a hands-on, hand-made aesthetic that celebrates shape and texture. From the Erth Studio/Workshop, he oversees a team of artists in the design and build of puppets, props, sets, costumes and associated elements that are on constant show both nationally and internationally. These range in scale from teeth gnashing dinosaurs and huge inflatable creatures down to small model work, all of which encompass a variety of materials and applications. The prodigious creative output can be for hectic company touring repertoire or bespoke external commissions. Steve also mentors design students from tertiary institutions and assists emerging artists in the implementation of their craft.<br> </p> , <p>Scott is the Artistic Director and co-founder of Erth Visual &amp; Physical, Inc., which began in 1990. He trained as a dancer and choreographer in Victoria in southeast Australia, and is a multiskilled artist incorporating puppetry (one of his greatest loves), movement, acting, aerial, stilts and pyrotechnics. Currently he is working with renowned Italian director Chiara Guidi and has also produced work based upon the last thylacine (the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times) kept in Australian captivity. Some of Scott’s personal interests include the survival of indigenous folklore, exploring how ancient stories can be retrieved and presented to new audiences, which has taken him into remote communities throughout Australia. He is also fiercely active in not only making work that is inclusive for children with and/or without disability but also making work with adults with disability as collaborators.<br> </p> ]
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tab2ImageDescription: [<p>ERTH is a company fuelled by beautiful accidents; a team of creators, makers and performers pushing the limits of design, content and experience. For over twenty five years ERTH’s puppetry-based theatrical productions and innovative community projects have challenged and inspired audiences across the world, driven by a special interest in natural history, indigenous folklore, sociology and urban mythology. Today the company is recognised internationally as an innovator of physical and visual theatre, and a creator of brave, unbridled work for children. </p> <p>ERTH’s studio and workshop custom builds specialist creations for clients that have included the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Festival, Sydney Olympic Games, Vivid Sydney and more with work touring year round internationally.</p> , <p>The Dead Puppet Society is a production house and design company creating puppet-based, visual theatre in Australia and the United States. Uniting an old world aesthetic with cutting edge technical elements the company conjur immersive worlds where the mythic sits alongside the macabre, and the old school meets the technological. Working in an eclectic form of theatre that ignores the boundaries between defined artistic practices they balance artistic collaborations with training and workshops to strengthen the form of puppetry on the international stage.<br> </p> ]
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tab1Title: Masterclass Leaders
tab2Title: Erth and Dead Puppet Society
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Image: Dead Puppet Society Workshop.

Applications now open

Applications for the masterclass are now open and will close at midnight on Friday 13 July 2018 AEST. 

Express your interest online here

Successful applicants will be notified on Friday 20 July 2018. 

The Puppetry Masterclass will take place from Monday 6 August - Saturday 11 August 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

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