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Weaving Workshops

Take part in one of the oldest Australian First Nations traditions and learn the art of weaving. 

On the Forecourt

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Image: Daniel Boud.

For thousands of years weaving with natural fibres has always been a part of Australian First Nations traditions, as soon you weave, you have an instant connection to country.

In workshop sessions across Homeground participants will be able to learn the basic techniques of weaving with native grass fibres or reclaimed materials.

Participants will then be invited to weave their creation into a communal sculpture as part of a modern day ceremony that draws from traditions as old as time.

Presented by the Sydney Opera House.



For thousands of years, the land that Sydney Opera House is built on was a gathering place for the Gadigal people who danced and sang here.

Homeground continues the rich history of this site, formerly known as Tubowgule, by bringing the very best First Nations artists from around the world to the Opera House Forecourt for two free days of music, dance, workshops and markets.

Celebrate the power of contemporary artists and ancient customs under the sun and stars at Homeground 2017.

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