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Allkumo Dancers

Dance Rites 2018

We are thrilled to welcome back to the Dance Rites stage the Allkumo Dancers, winners of the 2017 ‘Wild card’ dance.

On the Forecourt

ALLKUMO Malpa Paman are from the remote community of Coen in the centre of the Cape York Peninsula. ALLKUMO are comprised of members from 6 different clan groups from the region: Ayapathu, Lama Lama, Kaantju, Umpila, Wik Munkaan and Oolkolo (their name ALLKUMO is an acronym representing each clan). They only perform dances that originate from the six member clans. They have received permission from their clan elders to showcase their dance and story. Women from the community craft ALLKUMO’s dance costumes in the traditional way, with grass skirts from the cabbage palm, dyed using the root of the yellow dye tree, and pandanus grass woven for headbands/armbands and twine rope.

Winners of the 2017  'Wild card' dance, we are thrilled to welcome them back to perform at Dance Rites 2018. 

Presented by the Sydney Opera House.



Witness the powerful coming together of traditional customs and contemporary culture, with hundreds of First Nations dancers from around Australia and performers from around the world.

Join us on the forecourt, a First Nations meeting place for thousands of years, to share in this free festival of live dance, music and community.

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