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Leonard Sumner

With special guest Julian Bel Bachir

Leonard Sumner has been called one of the most important, vital new voices of the First Nations roots music scene in Canada. Experience his self-determined sound live at Dance Rites.

On the Forecourt

Anishinaabe MC/Singer/Songwriter Leonard Sumner's storytelling flows directly from the shores of Little Saskatchewan First Nation, located in the heart of the Interlake of Manitoba.  

Sumner's self-determined sound is evidence of his ability to simultaneously occupy landscapes of multiple musical genres including; Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Country, and Rhythm and Blues.

With every vibration of the strings on his guitar, Leonard rattles the dust off truths that have been buried for far too long. On stage he poetically sings awake the consciousness of audiences may have been unaware of their slumber.

In this era of unsettling history and healing wounds of the past, Sumner's music is an expression of medicine that walks the line between fortitude and fragility.

Leonard Sumner will be join by special guest Julian Bel Bachir, Australian/North African drummer, multi-instrumentalist, djembe fola and Kamele N’goni player.

Presented by the Sydney Opera House.



Witness the powerful coming together of traditional customs and contemporary cultural, with over 300 of First Nations dancers from around the country.

Join us on the Forecourt, a First Nations meeting place for thousands of years, to share in this free festival of live dance, music and food.

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