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Indigenous Enterprise

Dance Rites 2019

Indigenous Enterprise are a professional Native American dance group, made up of champion dancers from tribes and Nations in Canada and the United States. They arrive in Sydney for Dance Rites to proudly showcase their tradition and culture through powwow dancing in a colourful feast for the eyes.

On the Forecourt

Indigenous Enterprise’s mission is to send positive messages about their culture through song and dance. They work to educate the public about Native Americans by showing strong team values and respect for the craft of the traditional drum instrument, which has been carried on for many generations.

Always socially minded, besides their vibrant and energetic performances they also promote healthy and active lifestyles among youth in their communities and help them pursue higher education.

Come along to watch Indigenous Enterprise and learn the importance of what they call the three P’s:
Preservation, through teaching about their traditions and culture.
Performance of traditional dance and song. 
Progression, because culture changes with its people.

Presented by the Sydney Opera House.



Witness the powerful coming together of traditional customs and contemporary culture, with hundreds of First Nations dancers from around Australia and performers from around the world.

Join us on the Forecourt, a First Nations meeting place for thousands of years, to share in this free festival of live dance, music and community. 

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