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Rite of Warami Wellamabami (Welcome)

Join us as we open Antidote under the wisdom and guidance of Aboriginal elders. 

On the Western Broadwalk.

An essential opening to the festival

Welcome to Country is a ceremony that has been part of First Australians' culture for thousands of years. Intended to welcome different tribal groups onto their land, this ancient custom is conducted by speech, song, or dance before a meeting.

In the spirit of listening to the wisdom and knowledge of our First Peoples, this practice is continued today. This is an opportunity for both the artists and audiences of Antidote to come together and acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet.

Rite of Warami Wellamabami (Welcome) will be a call back to the traditional custodians of Tubowgule, where the Sydney Opera House now stands, and in recognising that they are the world’s oldest living and evolving culture.

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