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Choose your own improv adventure

Digital workshop

Learn the fundamentals of improvisation, play building and storytelling in this new choose your own adventure style workshop. To solve a 1930's mystery, students will invent their own story making decisions using their unique experiences.

This workshop has been developed to accommodate for students learning at home. It runs through Zoom, and designed for students on multiple separate logins.

For teachers with students in your classroom or at home. 

“The students were talking about it all day and still are!”

Coffs Harbour Public School

Invent a story to solve the mystery 

Join us for a choose your own adventure style workshop where in order to solve a mystery, you need to invent the story!

In this brand new workshop, students will invent the make decisions that shape their unique experiences while learning the fundamentals of improvisation, play building and storytelling. 

No two adventures are quite the same!

Presented by Sydney Opera House

About the Digital Creative Learning program...

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