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Cultivating Creativity

A collaborative research partnership with the Australia Council for the Arts investigating the impact of Creative Leadership in Learning (CLIL), an innovative Sydney Opera House program that embeds creativity in schools.


“I have seen the program take giant risks, and I have seen it change young people’s lives”

Curly Fernandez, Sydney Opera House Artist

Cultivating Creativity: A study of the Sydney Opera House’s Creative Leadership in Learning program in schools

To understand the impact of the Creative Leadership In Learning (CLIL) program, the Sydney Opera House and Australia Council for the Arts undertook a collaborative research project called Cultivating Creativity

The research aims to understand the impact of the CLIL program within schools on both learning and wider community engagement. It explores the relevance of the program and the application of the lessons learned to the wider education and creative sectors. 
Drawing on interviews conducted with principals and teachers from participating schools, and data co-created with the Sydney Opera House CLIL team and its artists, the research found that CLIL had a wide range of positive impacts on students, schools, artists and communities.





What is Creative Leadership in Learning? 

Watch now to discover the life-changing impact that creativity has on students, families and communities.


Kids tell us what they think of Creative Leadership in Learning

We asked kids to tell us what they think of the program.


Cultivating Creativity Panel

Hosted by Eddie Woo, this expert panel of Principals and Artists discusses the essential role of creativity and its positive impacts on students, families and schools.


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