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All About Women Bird Illustrations

All About Women

Free Digital Education Streams

Connect students to remarkable thinkers from the All About Women festival as they discuss artificial intelligence, resilience and the future of feminism.

In your classroom

On Demand from Monday 8 March to Friday 12 March, 2021

Available to watch for one week only. 

Suitable for Years 7 - 12 

This program is recommended for Stages 4 - 6

This program is free for all Australian schools

The All About Women Digital Education Stream is free for Australian schools.  Three talks are available to stream. 

Register online with DART to recieve a private YouTube link to stream the talks on demand. 

Each talk runs for approximately 60 minutes

Program duration is a guide only and may be subject to change.

Teacher resources 

Click to download Life: A Survival Guide teacher resources 

Download White Feminism teacher resources 

Teacher resources for How Smart is Artificial Intelligence? will be emailed to teachers once your booking is confirmed. 


“A feminist is anyone who recognises the equality and full humanity of women and men”

Gloria Steinem

On demand talks from the All About Women festival

We're excited to bring three offerings from our Talks and Ideas festival All About Women into your school, available on demand.

Connect your students to remarkable thinkers from the comfort of your classroom as they discuss artificial intelligence, resilience and the future of feminism.

Secondary schools are able to connect via a YouTube link using your preferred internet browser. 

Presented by Sydney Opera House


all about women

Sydney Opera House's All About Women celebrates extraordinary artists, thinkers and storytellers, and poses vital questions about gender, justice and equality.

Talks available on demand... 

Life: A Survival Guide

Christine Jackman & Mary Hoang

Coronavirus’s "new normal" has presented us with a great mental health challenge. How to cope with danger, doomscrolling, restrictions and constant uncertainty? 

Mary Hoang, psychologist, founder of The Indigo Project and author of Darkness is Golden, turned to art and music to gain comfort, meaning, and a deeper understanding after the death of her father. Journalist Christine Jackman charted her journey to manage the stress of a high-pressure job in her book Turning Down the Noise, a personal account of how silent contemplation practices helped her find peace in just being still. 

Join these two curious and practical writers for real-life tips and insights into finding strength in times of hardship.

White Feminism

Koa Beck

Please be aware this talk contains adult themes and is recommended for audiences ages 15+

Modern-day feminism appears harmless, commodified, and obsessed with individual success. Women's empowerment looks like receiving male privileges, which repeats patterns of patriarchy, capitalism and greed. 

Koa Beck, former editor of Jezebel and author of White Feminism, explores gender and race in history to reveal how the fight for equality has shut out Indigenous and transgender women as well as women of colour. 

Join Koa to explore how white feminism maintains white supremacy, classism and transphobia - and how we can push back. This will be a radical, rousing call to enter a new era of the movement. 

How Smart is Artificial Intelligence? 

Kate Crawford

In the last ten years, Artificial Intelligence has become interwoven with everyday life. We're constantly tracked for corporate data collection. Almost every relationship or exchange is watched and evaluated. Unregulated facial recognition systems assess mental health, employability, and potential to commit a crime. 

But these interactions are built upon the politics of extraction: mining natural resources, exploiting workers, and harvesting data. Though the traditional image of robots pretends a veneer of objectivity, AI is actually built upon subtle systems of power, which can reproduce racist, misogynist and ableist judgements. 

Join author and academic Kate Crawford to explore how is AI reshaping the world. Where are the boundaries of history, ideology, politics and prejudice? And how does machine classification entrench inequality? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need?

All you need is an internet connection! Schools can connect via a YouTube link. The three talks will be available for your class at any time for one week, from 8 - 12 March 2021.

How do I book?

Click on the link for your preferred DART Connections session time. If it is the first time you have used DART Connections you will be required to set up a username and password. 

Please note that DART connections is the booking platform for all of our sessions even though you will be viewing via YouTube.

How can I arrange a test call prior to the session?

Contact our Creative Learning team on 02 9250 7770 or to arrange a test call.

How can I prepare my class for their session?

To ensure your students get the most out of the experience, a Teachers’ Resource Pack will be available for each talk. See top of page. 

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