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A boy wearing a white and yellow t-shirt holds up a small top hat above his head. He has long curly brown hair which falls over his shoulders and has a surprised smile on his face. In the background, illustrated confetti falls against a blue backdrop.

Turn Zoom into a playful space

Teacher Professional Learning

Want to unleash the teaching potential of Zoom and make it fun?! Join us for four free professional learning sessions delivered by one of our main Creative Leadership in Learning artists, Curly Fernandez, to help energise online classes and encourage creativity among your students.

Booking information

Available from Tuesday 7 September, 9am

Four events throughout September and October

Session One: Tuesday 14 September, 8am (Physical play space)

Session Two: Wednesday 15 September, 3.15pm (Visual play space)

Session Three and Four: Thursday 7 October, 8am (Visual play space) or 3.15pm (Physical play space)


These are free events

There are two different 45 minute sessions – one focused on physical ways to make Zoom funny, focussed and engaging, and one that uses visual play to engage through collaboration


The duration of these events are 45 minutes

Event duration is a guide only and may be subject to change

Recommended for primary and secondary teachers

This event is recommended for teachers. 

“Kids get told what to do every single day of their lives. Creative Play gives them a voice.”
Frank Newman, Creative Learning Specialist

Physical Play Space

Session One and Four

Turn zoom into a physical playful space! These sessions are all about tips and tricks to make zoom fun and engaging with a focus on being physical. Teachers will learn 4 strategies that involve movement and collaboration, that are joyful and fun. 

Visual Play Space

Session Two and Three

Turn zoom into visual play space! Tips and Tricks to make zoom fun and engaging with a focus on visual arts strategies in the white board function. Teachers will learn 3 strategies involving playful collaboration that result in beautiful outcomes. No prior art experience required. Be warned this lesson can encourages children’s cheeky sides. 

Curly Fernandez

About Curly Fernandez...

Curly Fernandez (he/him) is an Australian conceptual artist with an interest in audience participatory processes. He is of Indian and Portuguese ancestry. His work combines disruptive art with social experiments that are incendiary, experiential, and provocative explorations of humanity.

He leads the Leftovers Collective which has performed for the City of Sydney, Mardi Gras, The Powerhouse Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art and Sydney Opera House.

Curly is a specialist creator in hybrid drama techniques, weaving literacy, leadership, and visual arts for young people to unleash creativity through Artistic Anarchy.

Notably, he has worked with young people who have refugee status, English as a second language and also Indigenous youth in Central Desert NT, giving them confidence and freedom regardless of societal rules and norms. Curly has collaborated with other cultural youth institutes such as Australian Theatre for Young People, Poetry In Action, The Arts Unit, Bell Shakespeare and The Multicultural Playwrights Program. 


What happens if the session I want to book is full?

Please get in touch with our Creative Learning team  to see if we can organise a Zoom session for your staff and colleagues at a more convenient time. You may also like to subscribe to our Creative Learning email or Teachers Facebook Group for regular updates on programs and resources!

Can more than one teacher book in from my school?

This is a first in best dressed enrolment. There are no limits on numbers of teachers per school. Additionally we are offering two sessions specifically for individual schools at times to be negotiated. Therefore if your Principal or Head of PL would be interested in doing these activities for the full teaching staff, please reach out and we can find a time that suits.

What materials, equipment or technology will I need during the session?

All you need is a device (preferably a laptop, desktop or tablet) that can open a zoom link. All activities will take place digitally via the Zoom room. You will be asked to do simple movements, therefore having some space around you is preferable but not essential. All the activities are fully accessible, accommodating all physical abilities. One activity requires you to bring your phone, a cup and a pen or pencil. You might like to have a notepad and pen handy to take any notes during the session. A Zoom link will be emailed to you upon booking.

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