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Excursions, workshops and digital classroom resources for students of all levels

Digital Creative Learning 2022

Join our Indigenous tour guides for an interactive digital exploration of the Indigenous history of Bennelong Point, the site on which Sydney Opera House sits.
Introduce students to the fascinating uses, features and history of this Australian icon and remarkable performing arts venue.
Digital Workshop

Staging Stories

Join a professional storyteller from Sydney Opera House for an interactive drama workshop. Explore the structure and stages of a narrative while developing speaking, listening and storytelling skills.
A digital storytelling workshop for years K - 6 that begins with a scavenger hunt!
A free choose your own adventure digital workshop exploring improvisation, play building and storytelling for years 5 - 8.
In this free digital workshop for schools, learn how to use the body to transform and tell stories.
Explore different styles of spoken word poetry in this free digital performance workshop for years 5 - 8.
In this free, digital interactive workshop for kids, join Dr AudiYO - Holly Austin for a series of exercises designed to unlock imaginative play with beatboxing and mime.
Learn how to create music videos using motion capture technology in this free event for schools. Suitable for students in years 5 - 8.
William Shakespeare needs your help. He is casting the ultimate version of his play Macbeth but can’t decide on who to cast as Lady Macbeth! Can your students help?
This free digital talk for schools will look at Ryan McNaught - Brickman’s relationship with LEGO®, innovation and problem solving through creativity.
We talk to these two inspirational humans about overcoming adversity, gratitude, resilience, managing change and addressing mental health challenges.
In this free digital talk for schools, Polly Marsden discusses her two books The Australian Climate Change Book and The Bushfire Book to celebrate World Environment Day and World Oceans Day.
Join Karlie Alinta Noon this NAIDOC week for this free digital talk for schools. Learn about First Nations astronomy, astrophysics, STEM, creative thinking, problem solving and innovation.
Celebrate National Science Week with Dr Karl! In this free digital event for schools, Australia's most colourful science Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM brings the joy of science directly to your classroom.
Celebrate National Science Week with Cristy Burne and Denis Knight, the authors of Wednesday Weeks. This free event for schools will teach students the joy and wonder of science and magic.
In this free digital talk for schools, Li Cunxin (Mao's Last Dancer) shares his story of adapting to changes, overcoming adversity and achieving excellence in life.
In this free digital talk for schools, successful YouTuber Eystreem shares his knowledge on Minecraft and discusses the creative opportunities, problem solving and innovation within the game.
In Battersea Art Centre's Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster, six talented performers from BAC Beatbox Academy interpret Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein from their own perspective as young people growing up in 21st-century Britain, exploring how modern monsters are created in today's society.
Join Adam Goodes, Ellie Liang and David Hardy for an exciting free talk for schools about this new work, looking at their inspirations for developing this book, their creative process and their journeys as storytellers.

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What The Ocean Said
06 May 2022 - 06 May 2022
Part guided meditation, part magical story, What The Ocean Said is a live experience for primary school students and their teachers. This is a sensory world of vivid storytelling, dreamy electronic music, animation, and wonder.
After the Flood
20 Sep 2022 - 22 Sep 2022
What happens when climate change and rising sea levels threaten our world as we know it? In this immersive installation, children from the future tell the story of how they saved humanity.
On Country, Warrang: knowing ourselves in time and place
23 May 2022 - 25 Nov 2022
This workshop is all about being on Country, the land around us and our place in it. Our Creative Learning workshop focusses on the location of the Opera House, knowing who we are in place and time.