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Northern Lights Festival at Sydney Town Hall

Program One

Adventure to the north with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

In the Sydney Town Hall | Venue Information

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Adventure to the north

A horn calls the orchestra to adventure in Jean Sibelius’ Fifth Symphony. Out of four primordial notes an unstoppable flood of music emerges mounting in energy to an ecstatic climax.

One of Sibelius’ most accomplished and popular works, its genesis was hard-won, a struggle that seems embedded in the music.

The effortless, majestic flight of sixteen swans inspired Sibelius to compose this Symphony – one that makes audience and orchestra soar. The music Grieg composed for Ibsen’s Peer Gynt has a life of its own as a concert hall favourite. Its vivid imagery and lyricism are unforgettable.

Presented by Sydney Symphony Orchestra


Peer Gynt Suite No.1
Peer Gynt Suite No.2

SIBELIUS Symphony No.5

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