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Simone Young

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Welcome to the 2022 Season

A season of new beginnings.

Join the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and their new Chief Conductor Simone Young as they return to the stage for a season featuring the greatest music, your favourite composers, and brilliant guest artists. 

The 2022 Season begins in the heart of the city, with some special concerts at the Sydney Town Hall, as part of the Autumn Season. Then the Sydney Symphony makes their return to the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, where you can experience the wonderful new acoustics in the Winter & Spring Season.


A Welcome to 2022 from Sydney Symphony Chief Conductor Simone Young

How wonderful it is to be a part of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s new chapter – this is a city that will always be home for me.

Having worked with the Sydney Symphony as a conductor over the last 25 years, I have always marvelled at the versatility of this community of musicians. The Sydney Symphony has always displayed this quality with its robust, courageous and sensitive approach to performances.

So it’s deeply meaningful – and a terrific honour – to now be Chief Conductor. As we return to live performances in 2022 and with the reopening of the Concert Hall in the Sydney Opera House, this is an extraordinary time to begin this partnership.

The 2022 Season will inspire curiosity and seek to ignite questions about the way different pieces speak to each other. It will also be my privilege to introduce you to musicians I’ve worked with throughout my career – artists of unassailable virtuosity with whom you will find an instant and powerful connection. Their artistic passion is always obvious and inescapable, inspiring great performances from all of us. Performance achieves new heights when you work with artists with whom you share a strong connection. All of them possess the greatest artistic integrity and commitment. 



“In 2022, we hope to inspire your curiosity as we take a fresh look at the world’s most moving music and meet the artists whom we are excited to welcome to Sydney.”

Simone Young AM, Chief Conductor

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