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Top Girls

by Caryl Churchill

Whip-smart, funny, and ultimately very moving, Top Girls asks questions about equality, feminism, wealth and family that are as pressing now as ever.

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“This play will arrest you, make you still, make you listen. It is a masterpiece play, and this is a masterpiece production.”


This Event is:

Funny and whipsmart

It takes a hard head to smash a glass ceiling

Marlene is unstoppable. She’s been promoted to the top job at a London employment agency and it’s time to celebrate! Her dinner party with famous female figures from throughout history is one of playwright Caryl Churchill’s wittiest and best-known scenes.

But Marlene’s success is soon undermined by the compromises she’s made and the past she’s left behind. Privilege comes at a cost – but she might not be the one who picks up the tab.

Sydney Theatre Company favourite Helen Thomson (After Dinner) makes a very welcome return to our stage in this modern classic, widely considered as Churchill’s masterpiece.

Sydney Theatre Company Resident Director Imara Savage has assembled a suitably fearless all-female ensemble including Paula Arundell (The Bleeding Tree), Kate Box (ABC’s Rake), Michelle Lim Davidson (ABC’s Utopia) and Heather Mitchell (Cloud Nine) to power this high-octane production. 

Presented by Sydney Theatre Company.



The Children
An acclaimed, gripping and beautiful new drama that feels thrillingly alive with real people and raises profound questions about our choices and our legacy.

Artist Information

Creative Team

Director Imara Savage
Set Designer David Fleischer
Costume Designer Renée Mulder
Lighting Designer Damien Cooper
Composer & Sound Designer Max Lyandvert


Paula Arundell
Kate Box
Michelle Lim Davidson
Claire Lovering
Heather Mitchell
Helen Thomson
Contessa Treffone

Paula Arundell, Director Imara Savage and Helen Thomson. Image: Christine Messinesi

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