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The Hidden Pulse 脈動深藏

A collaboration with M+, Hong Kong's new museum of visual culture.

29 May - 2 June

The Hidden Pulse is a five-day programme of artists’ videos and films that explores the capacity of music and performance to build community, resist authority, transform culture, shape identity, excavate history and reclaim space.

The Hidden Pulse includes screenings and conversations with artists Arthur Jafa and Wu Tsang, a spotlight on the work of Charles Atlas and a live film concert by artist Cheng Ran and electronic musician Shao Yanpeng (aka Dead J).

Curated film screenings, panel discussions, and a video installation by artist Stan Douglas are all offered free to the public.

The Hidden Pulse will be the first moving image programme in Vivid LIVE’s eleven-year history. It will also be the inaugural project for M+ International, a new initiative for international collaborations and partnerships happening in the lead-up to the M+ museum’s opening in Hong Kong. 

In collaboration with M+, West Kowloon Cultural District

Artist and filmmaker Arthur Jafa presents his critically-acclaimed short film, Love is the Message, the Message is Death (2017), followed by an in-depth conversation with artist and Artistic Director of the 22nd Biennale of Sydney, Brook Andrew.
A discussion with the celebrated artist and filmmaker Wu Tsang, followed by a screening of Into a Space of Love (2018), her magical-realist documentary about the queer, underground beginnings of New York house music
Celebrate the work of pioneering filmmaker and video artist Charles Atlas with screenings of his short film, From an Island Summer (1983-84) and his exuberant feature, Hail the New Puritan (1986).
Australian premiere of Miraculous Trajectories (2019), a genre-defying cinematic concert that combines Cheng Ran’s breathtaking moving images, with an otherworldly soundtrack performed live by electronic musician Shao Yanpeng.

Stan Douglas: Luanda-Kinshasa

29 May 2019 - 01 Jun 2019


The Hidden Pulse Free Screenings and Talks

01 Jun 2019 - 02 Jun 2019

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