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Meditation: Between Words and Music

With Dr Nadine Cameron and SnowBorne

Meditation Workshop

Explore a state of creative awareness, the self and reality in this meditative, interactive event with Dr Nadine Cameron and musician SnowBorne (David Rosa).

In the Centre for Creativity | Sydney Opera House Presents | Workshop

"Creativity takes courage."
Henri Matisse

How do you encourage a creative mindset?

Creativity is more than ideas and action. It is also a state of being – of moving through life with a sense of purpose and fluidity. Explore this state of creative awareness, self-awareness and reality at this meditative, interactive event with Dr Nadine Cameron and musician SnowBorne (David Rosa). In this guided meditation, surrender to the breath and the unique physical and sensory experiences that can occur when music, personal memories and spoken word combine.

Presented by Sydney Opera House

Meet the Artists...

Dr Nadine Cameron

Dr Nadine Cameron is an academic, counsellor, meditation teacher and performer with a deep interest in the impact of language, music, community and conceptual frameworks on wellbeing. She and her creative partner, SnowBorne, introduced the concept of meditative storytelling in an event at the Melbourne Writers Festival.

David Rosa (SnowBorne)

David Rosa [aka SnowBorne] is a writer, and composer/musician working across various genres.

Nadine Cameron headshot
David Rosa (SnowBorne) headshot

Venue Information

The Centre for Creativity will adhere to a maximum capacity of 1 person per two square metres, in line with the current NSW Public Health Order. 

Our foyers will be open 60 minutes pre-show for Joan Sutherland Theatre performances, and two hours pre-show for Western Foyer venue performances. Refreshments will be available for purchase from our theatre bars. Please remember to maintain physical distancing whilst consuming drinks in our foyers.

All Sydney Opera House foyers are pram accessible, with lifts to the main and western foyers. The public lift to all foyers is accessible from the corridor near the escalators on the Lower Concourse and also in the Western Foyer via the corridor on the Ground Level (at the top of the escalators). Pram parking will be available outside the theatres in the Western Foyer consistent with COVID-safe rules.

Transport options

  • We encourage you to use private transport options to minimise crowding on public transport (in line with NSW Government advice). 
  • The Sydney Opera House Car Park, operated by Wilson Parking, is open and available to use. Wilson Parking offer discounted parking if you book ahead. Please see their website for details.
  • Please check the Transport NSW website for the latest advice and information on travel and COVID-19 safety measures. You can catch public transport (bus, train, ferry) to Circular Quay and enjoy a 6 min walk to the Opera House. 

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Frequently Asked Questions - Venue

Frequently Asked Questions - COVID-19 Safety Measures

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