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Performances on the Quay

23 June - 1 September 2023

On the Forecourt


Using the Opera House and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) as their stage, five contemporary Australian artists will perform in Performances on the Quay, a free entertaining and emotion evoking performance art series.

Performances on the Quay showcases new work from some of Australia’s most dynamic contemporary artists in this free public program which provides audiences with an opportunity to engage in the stimulating medium of performance art. Each artist will perform a piece of work from artistic interpretations of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the climate crisis, and the exhilarating and uniting spirit of street dance.

Performances on the Quay is a free a series of performance art jointly presented by the Sydney Opera House and the MCA.

The next performances in the series features Lauren Brincat from 25 - 27 Aug.

This project is proudly supported by the NSW Government through the Culture Up Late initiative

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