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Map of Australia with the Opera House marking key locations

all about women satellite

11 - 13 mar 2023

In addition to the Sydney Opera House’s in-person and online events, the All About Women Satellite Program is back.  Expressions of interest are now open for venues across Australia and New Zealand that are interested in broadcasting sessions from the festival.

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frequently asked questions – satellite

How will the broadcast work?

On submissions of expressions of interest Sydney Opera House will provide you with an access pass to the streamed events.

After you decide on what talk to offer at your venue, create a free account on the Sydney Opera House streaming platform and watch each talk as they are streamed live on the day.

What is the technical set up?

You are responsible for the setup of your streaming and for the arrangement and supply of all goods and services required to stream including, but not limited to, all technology, equipment, premises, and utilities. SOHT has no responsibility for setting up, operating or maintaining your steaming of the Event. 

Who coordinates Satellite event marketing and publicity?

You. We will list all Satellite events on the All About Women website, however the individual presenters will be responsible for attracting their local audiences. We will provide marketing materials as listed above. All marketing collateral (posters, brochures, eDM etc.) and event pages relating to AAW need to be approved by Sydney Opera House prior to publication.

Can you charge for the event?

Yes, but please let us know if the charge is more than $20 per person total. You are welcome to charge per session or as a package – whichever works best for your organisation.

What is the relationship between you and Sydney Opera House?

SOH deems it important to make its Talks and Ideas program accessible throughout Australia and New Zealand, and aims to encourage engaged discussions around relevant and contemporary topics. SOH and the presenter carry out an informal relationship that grants the participating presenter the non-exclusive rights to use the “All About Women” stamp free of charge for this event on 12th March 2023 only.

Does Sydney Opera House contribute any cash towards your event?

No. Satellite presenters agree to run the event at their own cost. However, SOH will provide curatorial and marketing.

Do we need a host for the event?

A host plays an important role at Satellite events and will be responsible for facilitating the best possible conversations around the talks and putting a local friendly face to the event. You may choose to engage with a local personality – a radio host, politician or journalist for example, or select a staff member to undertake this role. We can also co-invite a host on behalf of Sydney Opera House, if you prefer.

Do we need to have audience interaction?

All About Women promotes audience interaction and conversation. This can be facilitated to enrich the audience experience of your event. For example:

  • Audiences can join the conversation on Twitter – Follow @SydOperaHouse and #AllAboutWomen
  • You might hold social drinks after the Satellite feed to facilitate informal discussions around the content of the talks with your guests

Can we share and interact via Social Media?

You will find All About Women content regularly uploaded to our social media channels. Please join us and share from:

Twitter: @SydOperaHouse

Instagram: @sydneyoperahouse

Can we take and share photos?

We hope that you can take photos at your events to post to social media at the time, and to include in our post-event communications. Please send these through to

Using the #AllAboutWomen hashtag is a great way for your guests to connect with All About Women guests at the Sydney Opera House, as well as those attending Satellite events across Australia and New Zealand. Please help us promote an active, far-reaching conversation!