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31 AUG – 01 SEP

A festival of ideas,
action & change.

You are invited to Antidote.
You, curators of life changing ideas;
Lovers of unconventional action,
Seekers of change and rebellion.
Join the movement at Antidote,
As speakers and doers unite to bring hope.

Talks & Ideas

Dark Data

Christopher Wylie & Andrei Soldatov

Data is being used to influence elections and invade our privacy. Hear whistleblower Christopher Wylie and Russian investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov explain why this is one of the most important issues of our age at Antidote.
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Talks & Ideas

Antisemitism Here and Now

Deborah Lipstadt

Neo fascists, white nationalists - antisemitism is the hate that will not die. Join historian Deborah Lipstadt as she explains what it looks like, and how to stand up to it at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

The Case for Hope

DeRay Mckesson

In the face of violence and racism, how do we keep believing in change? Get to know Black Lives Matter leader and community organiser, DeRay Mckesson, as he talks justice, action and hope at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

A Rohingya speaks


Habiburahman has encountered torture, detention and statelessness. This moving session is a testimonial to the strength of human spirit, and a look at some truths behind the global refugee crisis.
Talks & Ideas

The State We’re In

Melissa Lucashenko, Deborah Lipstadt, Fintan O'Toole

Melissa Lucashenko, Deborah Lipstadt and Fintan O'Toole on an essential panel discussion on the complex idea of national identity worldwide. In a world obsessed with borders, how do we define ourselves?
Talks & Ideas

Covering Climate

Kyle Pope, Tim Flannery, Anna Rose & Desi Anwar

We're facing a global climate crisis. So how should journalists report on science and extreme weather? Here's your exploration into the urgent ethics of climate journalism.
Talks & Ideas

Press & Power in Africa

Mausi Segun, Prue Clarke & Catherine Gicheru

Africa is home to vibrant film industries, local talk shows, and a digitally-obsessed population. But what are the challenges jounalists face when the government is controlling? Join Mausi Segun as she questions the intricacies of press freedom and human rights at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

My Crime is Journalism

Maria Ressa, Lina Attalah, Irina Borogan & Steve Coll

Governments across the globe are cracking down on press freedom. Get to know the courageous journalists who are sacrificing everything to tell the truth at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

Who Gets to Speak

Sisonke Msimang, Lina Attalah & Bruce Shapiro

In a world of polarised politics, how do we have difficult conversations; and what are the responsibilities of those with a public platform? Join Bruce Shaprio, Lina Atallah and Sisonke Msimang at Antidote.
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Talks & Ideas

Pop & Politics in Hong Kong

Denise Ho

LGBTQI activist, and Cantopop singer, Denise Ho has become a prominent figure in Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution. Don't miss this exhilarating conversation about what's happening in Hong Kong, and resistance to state control.
Talks & Ideas

Australian Genocide

Nayuka Gorrie, Larissa Behrendt & Julie Gough

The mapping of our turbulent history is happening in many forms across the country, through painstaking research by historians, archaeologists, artists and descendants . How will it change the way we think about Australia?
Talks & Ideas

From Diplomat to Defector

Thae Yong-ho & Anna Fifield

Thae Yong-Ho is one of the highest-ranking officials to defect from North Korea. What can he tell us about the secrets and lies of one of the world's most repressive regimes? Find out at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

Because Self Care

Zing Tsjeng, Brigid Delaney & Patrick Lenton

TV binges, wellness trends - is that all we ever talk about anymore? Our culture experts Zing Tsjeng, Brigid Delaney and Patrick Lenton get to the bottom of what, exactly, we're trying to tune out at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

The Problem with Polling

Bela Stantic, Rebecca Huntley & Antony Green

Our most recent federal election shocked almost everyone. Join the experts for insight on why the polls missed it, whether polling will ever be trusted again, and what it might look like in the future at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

Unlocking Justice

Kimberley Motley, Melissa Lucashenko, Peta Blood

Justice is regarded as fundamental to civilised society, but ideas around what is fair and just reflect the values of a culture. Is it possible to reach a universal understanding of justice? And if it is, what happens when that justice fails?
Talks & Ideas

Please Explain: Podcast

Live podcast

Bickering world leaders, threats to media freedom, the politics of immigration - there's a lot going on in the world today. Separate fact from fiction with a live record of Sydney Morning Herald's podcast, Please Explain at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

Housing the Future

Peter Mares, Louise Crabtree, Jason Twill

Young people are being priced out of the housing market, and homelessness is on the rise. How can we rethink housing in Australia so we all have a roof over our heads?
Talks & Ideas

The Saturday Paper: Fables

Erik Jensen, Kate Holden, Wendy Harmer, Fiona Wright & Debra Adelaide

Once upon a time, the people of Sydney were in need of a good story. Saturday Paper editor in chief, Erik Jenson, gathers Australia's brightest writers to retell today's events as fables.
Talks & Ideas

The Economics of Disability

Samantha Connor & Damian Griffis

In a fair society, everybody has what they need - but prejudice against people with disabilities creates barriers to economic independence. Join this necessary panel to learn about what needs to change at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

Collective Tarot Reading


Don't miss the chance to take part in a collective tarot reading. Experienced tarot practitioner, Psychic Sarah, turns her intuitive abilities to the Antidote audience in this enchanting one off event.
Talks & Ideas

Make & Mends


Get the tools you need to start upcycling and reworking your beloved and broken garments in this hands on workshop at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

Daddy Haircare


Pigtails and ponies, side parts and fades. Pick up a hairbrush, and get to know kiddie hairdos in this hands on workshop at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

Native Tea Making


Australia is home to an array of lush flavours. Sharon Winsor, a Ngemba Weilwan woman and owner of Indigiearth, teaches us how to bring the country's best native ingredients to our cuppa.
Talks & Ideas

Learn Auslan

Free workshop

Keen to create a more inclusive society? Come to our free Auslan workshop and learn the language of thirty thousand Australians at Antidote.
Talks & Ideas

Art Assembly

Free public art

Emerging artist Jason Phu brings his performance and installation, 'Procession in the Warming Light, Procession in the Rising Darkness' to Antidote, to explore human responsibility for climate change.
Talks & Ideas

Acts of Appearance

Free art exhibition

Talks & Ideas


Free documentary screening

A social experiment that unpacks first impressions, this short documentary from Vonne Patiag and Sheila Ngoc Pham explores what it means to connect IRL during the age of social media, which promotes connection but limits conversation.

ANTIDOTE is here.

In this special episode of It’s a Long Story, host and Antidote festival curator Edwina Throsby is interviewed by Sydney Morning Herald Editor Lisa Davies about the 2019 lineup.

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