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Antidote Abridged

A speed-reader's guide to Antidote 2022

Sydney Opera House

We’ve cut the frills and boiled this year’s festival of ideas, art and change down to the absolute essentials. No pointless words, no messing about, this is our bare-bones guide to all things Antidote, tailored to your tastes.

Antidote for Bingers

For pop culture fanatics. Expect deep insights into performance and celebritydom.

Succession's Brian Cox
The Evil in Us All

Keywords: Succession. Hollywood royalty. Dissecting villainy. Shakespeare. Acting. Fury. Cruelty. Rags-to-riches. Logan Roy.

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Jenny Slate
In Conversation

Keywords: Comedy. Vulnerability. Connection. Heartbreak. Little Weirds. Marcel the Shell. Parks and Recreation. Mockumentary.

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Antidote for Fixers

The world is broken. How do we piece it back together?

Fatal Adaptation
with Astrid Edwards, Danielle Celermajer and hosted by Bri Lee

Keywords: Survival. Hope. Finding a new normal. Humanity. Natural disasters. Readjusting.

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Media?
with Barrie Cassidy, Osman Faruqi & Janine Perrett

Keywords: Clickbait. Sensationalism. Reliability. Spin. Ethical journalism. Bias. Party tricks.

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Antidote for Learners

It’s never too late to learn.

First Languages First
with Gary Williams, Kirli Saunders

Keywords: Preservation. Indigenous languages. Culture. Community. History. Heritage.

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How to Have Sex
with Chantelle Otten

Keywords: Consent. Sex positivity. Desire. Empowerment. Communication. Psychology of sex.

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Antidote for Disruptors

Some like to fix things, others like to break ‘em.

Unfriend the Algorithm
with Ed Coper and Malcolm Turnbull AC

Keywords: Fake news. Social media. Democracy. Ethics. Privacy. Misinformation.

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The World Turned Upside Down
with Cathy McGowan, Adam Bandt, Allegra Spender

Keywords: Underdogs. Independents. Coalitions. Political trendsetters. Power. Accountability.

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Antidote for Do-ers

Want to make stuff? These workshops are for you.

Use it All
with Cornersmith

Keywords: Ethical consumption. Reducing waste. Sustainability. Smart cooking. Kitchen hacks. Savvy shopping.

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Soap Making Workshop
with Renee Cawthorne

Keywords: Native ingredients. Crafts. DIY. Botanicals. Self-care. Healing.

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Antidote is a festival of ideas, art and change with a line-up of unmissable thinkers, artists and provocateurs.


Jenny Slate

If your heart was captured by an internet video about a tiny shell with shoes on, chances are you've experienced the creative mind of Jenny Slate. It's a wild ride.


Fatal Adaptation

How do we adapt ourselves to the toll of devastation, death and disaster, without losing our humanity in the process? Don't miss this urgent discussion with Astrid Edwards, Danielle Celermajer, co-curated and hosted by Bri Lee on living with tragedy while staying awake to hope at Antidote 2022.