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1–2 SEP 2018

We are the ANTIDOTE. A band of speakers, thinkers and creators, united by the unconventional. We are the wayfinders. Explorers of our culture, our politics, our environment. We are the changemakers. Takers of steps and strides towards making the world a better place. We are waiting for you. Join us for a weekend of pioneering ideas, action and change.

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Talks & Ideas

Ronan Farrow

3pm, Sat 1 Sept 2018

Boy genius, celebrity child, and now an investigative journalist. Ronan Farrow interviewed over 300 people to present the allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Discover his thoughts on confronting power with truth.

Chelsea Manning

4pm, Sun 2 Sept 2018

After Chelsea Manning’s 2017 release from military prison, she became one of the world’s most prominent activists around areas of data privacy, surveillance, and trans politics. Meet one of the truly extraordinary changemakers at the height of her powers.

Ta-Nehisi Coates

6.30pm, Sun 2 Sept 2018

Author of some of the most seminal essays on contemporary American politics, interviewer of Barack Obama, and writer for Marvel’s Black Panther comics, Ta-Nehisi Coates is a powerful and influential cultural force

Maureen Dowd

1pm, Sun 2 Sept 2018

As America’s best-known female newspaper columnist, Maureen Dowd has covered nine presidential campaigns, and brings an astute take on contemporary American politics and its leaders.
Talks & Ideas


11.00am, Sun 2 Sept 2018

Far-right groups are proliferating across all major democracies. Investigative journalist David Neiwert charts the rise of the alt-right in America and has fascinating insights into its role in the election of Donald Trump.

The original lifehackers

2.15pm, Sun 2 Sept 2018

Disabled people are skilled at harnessing the intuitive creativity cultivated by navigating a world not built for them. Join Liz Jackson as she reveals how this insight offers opportunities for design and innovation.

Law school

4pm, Sun 2 Sept 2018

Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny Phang talk relationship dilemmas, life dramas, and other people's fantasies. Go beyond the birds and the bees with this hilarious and heartwarming event.
Talks & Ideas

Smashing capitalism for beginners

2.30pm, Sun 2 Sept 2018

The relentless pursuit of profit has had serious consequences for our world. Join Raj Patel for an exhilarating tour through the history of capitalism in a visionary effort to imagine an alternative future.

Rebuilding Syria

12.15pm, Sun 2 Sept 2018

Syrian architect Marwa Al-Sabouni remained in the city where she was born as the war reduced it to rubble. Now it's time to rebuild, and this courageous thinker has some incredible plans to remake her city.

Islam in the free world

10.30am, Sun 2 Sept 2018

More than 1.6 billion people adhere to Islam today. Discover the daily reality of Muslims around the world and what it means for the West.
Talks & Ideas

In exile, at home

2.30pm, Sun 2 Sept 2018

Join this incredible storyteller for an exploration of culture, gender and politics.

Subverting surveillance

12.15pm, Sun 2 Sept 2018

Assessing what has really happened in a conflict was once close to impossible, but Human Rights Watch’s Joshua Lyons is using technology in new ways, to reveal the truth in war.
Trees are essential to every part of human life, and Jonathan Drori believes that the way that humanity treats trees is one bellwether for the health of our planet.

The wonders of jellyfish

10.30am, Sun 2 Sept 2018

No one gets excited about jellyfish quite like Lisa Gershwin. Get to know these magical creatures and what they reveal about the future of our oceans.
Time is of the essence when you’re trying to save the world. Join Raj Patel, Liz Jackson, and Jonathan Drori as they offer up timely solutions to urgent global problems. Expect economics, design, the natural world…and everything in between.