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Moebius Redux

One of the most important comic book artists ever, Moebius paved the way for the comic’s worldwide appeal.

GRAPHIC brings back its free film program exploring comic world giants while dusting off limited release reels on cult creators.

In the Northern Foyer

Two events on 5 Nov 2016

12pm, 5 Nov 2016

1.45pm, 5 Nov 2016

This event is free

The only authorised ticket agency for this event is the Sydney Opera House. For more information about Authorised Agencies, see the FAQ below. Children aged 15 years and under must be accompanied at all times. Children aged 0-23 months at the time of a performance may be seated on a parent’s lap free of charge. All children occupying a seat or aged 2 years of age must hold a valid ticket.

The duration of this show is 68 minutes

Event duration is a guide only and may be subject to change

'Moebius revolutionised comic art... the artist inspired Star Wars, reinvented French comics, and pioneered surreal illustration.'

Creative Bloq

One of the most important comic book artists ever, Moebius later playing an undeniable hand in sci-fi classics such as Jodorowsky's fabled Dune, Alien, Tron and The Fifth Element.

The infamous pseudonym of French writer, cartoonist and alien conspiracist Jean Giraud, Moebius Redux provides a vivid portrait of the man who changed the super hero multiverse, and in turn influenced the likes of Federico Fellini, Stan Lee and Hay.