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Felix Colgrave: In Conversation with Greg Sharp & Alex Grigg

See Felix probed in full bearded glory by Greg Sharp and Alex Grigg

GRAPHIC's intimate talks series returns with a free program hosted by devout tech-head and video game journalist, Rae Johnston (Gizmodo, triple j, NITV). Whether you wish to dissect a classic work or watch your favourite artists let loose on the world, pop up the Concert




In the Northern Foyer

This event is free

The only authorised ticket agency for this event is the Sydney Opera House. For more information about Authorised Agencies, see the FAQ below. Children aged 15 years and under must be accompanied at all times. Children aged 0-23 months at the time of a performance may be seated on a parent’s lap free of charge. All children occupying a seat or aged 2 years of age must hold a valid ticket.

Notching four million views with his animated music video for Fever the Ghost's 'SOURCE', Felix Colgrave's psychedelic kingdoms dwell from a singular mind that combines the fantastical and mundane. 

A wizardous internet sensation who broke through with The Elephant's Garden – winner of Best Australian Film at the Melbourne International Animation Festival 2014 – see Felix probed in full bearded glory by Greg Sharp (Fallout 4, Vice, Comedy Central) and Alex Grigg (Super Deluxe and Comedy Central).