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Secrets of the Simpsons, and a Couple of Milhouse Fun Facts

Australian Exclusive

On his first visit to Australia – and a rare public appearance outside of the United States – The Simpsons creator spills the Duff on one of the greatest animated TV series ever made.

In the Concert Hall

The duration of this show is 75 minutes

Event duration is a guide only and may be subject to change

“Best show of the 20th Century"

Time Magazine

Finally appearing in Australia, exclusively for GRAPHIC, The Simpsons creator Matt Groening spills the Duff on one of the greatest animated TV series ever made.

Expect embarrassing home movies, rare animated clips and even some full-frontal cartoon nudity at Matt Groening’s first appearance at the Sydney Opera House.

'The most intense Simpsons fanatics I've met are from Australia, so I'm coming to Sydney to check out all you lunatics', the 62-year-old comic fiend said, confirming rumours he’s on his way to GRAPHIC.

Born from a doodle sketched in a waiting room, The Simpsons became the longest running series on US primetime television. Groening will deep dive into 25 years of humour, tenderness and d'oh's! with America's most famous yellow family. So sit back and relax in the Concert Hall as Groening guides us through The Simpsons' deepest secrets, his favourite episodes, guest appearances and the stories behind the stars and side note heroes. Pimply Puberty Boy anyone?