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Cheat sheet:
Mazzy Star

Get familiar with the celestial dreamers.

The basics

The band


  • Hope Sandoval - vocals
  • David Roback - guitar, keyboard, songwriter
  • Suki Ewers – keyboards
  • Colm Ó Cíosóig – guitar, bass, keyboards, drums
  • Josh Yenne – pedal steel guitar


  • Kurt Elzner – touring guitarist
  • Jill Emery – bass
  • William Cooper – keyboards, violin
  • Keith Mitchell – drums

The genre

Dreampop, alternative rock, psychedelic, "ethereal"

Sound familiar?

You might have heard them from...


TV show.


We're excited because...'s their Australian debut!

...they've just released a brand new EP

...they've inspired many Australian artists

Reasons why you should listen to Mazzy Star

1.     Your favourite TV character has an existential crisis or dies.
2.    You have an existential crisis.
3.    You drank too much whiskey and can't move.
4.    You need a final, slow dance song at Year 11 formal.
5.    You need to be alone, but don't want to be *truly* alone.
6.    You're fighting a futuristic insectoid species.
7.    You had to bury yourself in an alternative reality.
8.    You remembered that Marissa from the O.C. died and need a moment.
9.   Because they're unrivalled dreampop pioneers, inspiring the likes of Lana Del Ray, Beach House and the Dum Dum Girls.

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