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Repressed Records' definitive albums

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Repressed Record's definitive album for each decade

Repressed Records

60s - Alice Coltrane: A Monastic Trio

“For the 60s we've chosen Alice Coltrane's A Monastic Trio. We think she had a huge impact, particularly when she walked into John Coltrane's life and changed the sound of jazz forever.”

70s - Wire: 154

“For the 70s we've chosen Wire. They've always managed to stay an interesting band, relevant, and maintain that tension.”

80s - Arthur Russell: The World of Arthur Russell

“For the 80s we've chosen Arthur Russell, The World of Arthur Russell. He was a guy that might be known to a lot of people as either a minimalist composer, or a disco producer. He was in that downtown lower Manhattan scene where serious music met fun music.”

90s - OutKast: Aquemini

“For the definitive album of the 90s, we've decided to go with OutKast. The best rapping I've ever heard was on some of their stuff. Especially on Stankonia and this album [Aquemini] as well, they're just so quick and tight.”

00s - Alice Coltrane: A Monastic Trio

“Before the crossover success of Royal Headache or Eddy Curent Suppression Ring, this is where our involvement in local independent music started. Naked on the Vague are a Sydney band that are much beloved, playing a lot of warehouse spaces. That's why we chose them for the act of the 2000s, they were the beginning of us being involved in independent music.”

10s - Bent: Snakes and Shapes & Alex Cameron: Jumping the Shark

It's hard to say what will resonate and still feel really important to me from the 2010s considering the decade's still going. Firstly we have Bent, a trio from Brisbane. They have this great mix of charmingly amateur meets attempting some really angular strange musical things. And Alex Cameron's Jumping the Shark. He's from Sydney. I really think he's just an incredible lyricist, he can be serious and funny and he conveys it so well.”

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