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The Cure in the Concert Hall, Vivid LIVE 2011
Rick Smith & Karl Hyde of Underworld - Concert Hall, 2017. Image: Daniel Boud

Photos from the club:
Underworld, 2017

Travel back to the rave pioneers' debut in the Concert Hall

Sydney Opera House

In 2017, Underworld, the legendary duo of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, turned the Concert Hall into an explosion of euphoria and strobe lights. They shook the hall with ‘Mmm Skyscraper I Love You’, sent blue lights circling the room with ‘Cowgirl’, shredded the speakers with ‘Pearl’s Girl’, and sent the room into a multi-coloured overdrive with ‘Born Slippy’—anyone who feared the hall’s classical appearance and seated structures wouldn’t do the music just were quickly met with a fully-functioning dancefloor.

It wasn’t frontman Hyde’s first time; he has been a part of the building since Vivid LIVE’s inception as Luminous, performing vocals in Brian Eno's 'Pure Scenius’ performance in 2009. He returned in 2013, outside of the festival and solo, to present his album Edgeland, a graceful, meditative song cycle that stripped back the edge of Underworld to conjure something meditative and poetic in the Studio.

Bootlegs quickly appeared on YouTube, capturing the room alight with the kind of energy only found in the club. Photographer Daniel Boud captures some of the moments from their last shows—see them below.

Underworld will perform again at Vivid LIVE 2019, with a four-show residency in the Concert Hall.

Karl Hyde of Underworld - Concert Hall, 2017. Image: Daniel Boud

“Underworld’s specialty is unleashing a beat so constant and unending you lose all sense of time and place.”

Stuart MacFarlane, The Guardian

Underworld - Concert Hall, 2017. Image: Daniel Boud
Karl Hyde of Underworld - Concert Hall, 2017. Image: Daniel Boud

“The essence of Underworld is in how all those coalesced into something native, enveloping, thrilling, moving, utterly danceable, completely felt…. shared.”

Bernard Zuel, The Sydney Morning Herald

Karl Hyde of Underworld - Concert Hall, 2017. Image: Daniel Boud
Underworld - Concert Hall, 2017. Image: Daniel Boud

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