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Digital Mentorship Program 2019

The Digital Mentorship Program is an opportunity for artists to extend their practice and audience into the digital space by producing a piece of video content that is an accompaniment to their existing performance work or practice.

Two mentorships are underway with artists Roslyn Helper and Dance Makers Collective currently receiving mentoring on the creation and production of original digital video content at the Opera House Broadcast Studio (OHBS). The artists are supported by industry mentors Sue Healey and Eugenia Lim, and OHBS technicians, and will participate in a series of masterclasses and consultation sessions to assist them in making their work.

Under the guidance of their mentor, the artist and their team will conceive, develop and deliver an artistic programming content piece.

Once the video pieces have been produced, the Sydney Opera House marketing team will provide specialist advice in digital marketing and support the distribution of the works.

Project timeline:

Projects commence  January 2019
Creative development session at SOH
w/c 14th January
Full day masterclass at SOH
w/c 18th February
Projects completed 30th June

The support you receive

  • $2,500 stipend
  • Project mentor, to be mutually agreed by artist and SOH, for up to 20 hours
  • Half day creative development session with relevant SOH staff
  • One full day skills masterclass, led by professional artists and technicians
  • Access to the Recording and Broadcast Studio and equipment to use during the production and post-production of your work
  • Marketing consultation meeting and paid social media promotion of your work
  • Projects are supported by the Head of Broadcast Studios

What is not provided?

Staff or mentors to deliver any aspect of your project – you are required to have a team of collaborators to deliver your project

The relationship

The outcome will be a short video piece co-produced between the artist and Sydney Opera House. The artists will retain copyright in the work and will grant Sydney Opera House a non-exclusive licence to communicate the digital work on our online channels. The Sydney Opera House will also have the exclusive right to premiere the work on our online channels for a period of 6 months.

All participants in the program will be required to sign a short independent contractor agreement with the Sydney Opera House Trust.


This mentorship is open for independent artists or small groups working in contemporary performing arts.

The artists must:

  • Have a minimum of five years of professional practice
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of video production, camera operation and editing
  • Be available for all key meetings scheduled with SOH


  • Demonstrated benefit of participation in the program
  • Artistic merit of proposed idea
  • Realistic scope and expectations of project, including a practical timeline and demonstrated support from collaborators
  • Potential audience for the work

Project timeline

January 2019: Project’s commence

WC 14 January: Half day creative development session at SOH

WC 18 February: Full day masterclass at SOH

30 June 2019: Project’s completed