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The Marketing department at the Sydney Opera House is made up of a team of passionate and experienced professionals who value diversity, creativity and excellence. We firmly believe that we work for one of the most inspiring organisations in the world, and are privileged to play our part in connecting audiences and visitors with this icon.

There are four teams that make up the Marketing department at the Opera House. These are:

  • Campaign Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Creative Studio
  • Insights & Optimisation

These teams provide the following services to other department and portfolios within the Sydney Opera House:

  • Marketing campaign strategy, planning and account management for approximately 400 campaigns per year
  • Digital marketing campaigns, platform management (including website and social media) and community management
  • Creative development and content creation
  • Insights and analysis to drive strategies
  • Organisational brand governance and oversight
  • Visitor experience marketing, including tours, F&B and retail
  • Marketing support for Resident Companies and Commercial Hires


Strategic & Stakeholder Events